Serenity Nature Retreats

 Welcome to Serenity Nature Retreats!

We're so glad you're here and excited to share our newest adventure with you! After my vision in 2010 of a nature-based retreat, we are finally able to bring this vision to reality.

Get out in nature and back to life!!!

If you're looking for a wellness retreat that includes self-care and connection or you just need a break to get away for some relaxation out in nature, then this is the place for you!

We're Human Beings, not Human Doings!

We are not supposed to be "ON" all of the time, and our retreats are designed for relaxation, connection and self-care. Many of us have been more disconnected, stressed and anxious than ever before. However, we cannot continue on this path of pouring from an empty cup.  We need to recharge, so we don't burn out!


So, if you are looking for connection, need to refocus, find your purpose again, make new friends, rejuvenate or recharge, then Serenity retreats are for YOU! We will be focusing on the mind, body, and spirit


Our goal for you is to walk away feeling refreshedcentered, focused, and more connected than ever before; and to enjoy the sense of peace and tranquility that only comes from being out in nature! 


At SERENITY you will get exactly what you need out of our retreats.


Click on the tabs of interest to learn more about our retreats that are scheduled!

Come and experience "Serenity" for yourself!!!

Serenity Nature Retreats is owned and operated by Kimberly Shultz Counseling PLLC.

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